Direct billing is available for most extended health insurance plans. Talk to your provider regarding coverage for visits, labs and supplements.

MSP supplementary benefits refund: $23/visit for a maximum of 10 visits per calendar year.

First Visit (1.5 hours): $225

The first visit is where I really get to learn about your health history, concerns and goals. We discuss various areas of health and address any symptoms that you are experiencing. I often provide a requisition for lab work to better investigate the underlying causes of your symptoms. Physical exams are completed if necessary, and a unique treatment plan is created that is specific to your case. This may include therapies such as botanical medicine, supplements, acupuncture, dietary or lifestyle recommendations. If your case is out of my scope of practice, I will refer you to an appropriate professional to receive the best level of care.

First Visit – Fertility (1.5 hours): $225

This appointment is for an individual patient. If you would like to come into the visit with your partner, please book a 2-hour Couples Consultation to ensure adequate time to investigate both patients. 

During this visit, we will discuss your fertility and overall health history in depth. If you are enrolled at a fertility clinic, we will discuss any past procedures or testing and may request these results to be sent to my office for review. My role is not to replace a fertility clinic. Instead, I provide adjunctive care and work together with the fertility clinic to optimize your chances of conceiving.  Additional lab testing may be required. An individualized treatment plan will be created with the goal to optimize fertility and achieve a successful pregnancy. This may include supplements, a regular acupuncture protocol and diet and lifestyle recommendations.  

Couples Consultation – Fertility (2 hours): $280

This is for patients who are trying to conceive, and would like to attend their appointment together. Fertility is a 2-person journey. So, I often recommend that both partners get a proper assessment. You can book two separate appointments (Initial Visit – Fertility) or one appointment as a Couples Consultation. 

In this visit, we will discuss the fertility and overall health histories of each partner (1 hour each). Lab testing and physical exams may be suggested in order to determine underlying causes that may be contributing to fertility challenges. Each partner will receive separate diagnoses and treatment plans, depending on their unique case. If you are working with a fertility clinic,  I will do my best to integrate care.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits are important because they allow us to check in with your treatment progress. I can answer any questions you may have. We will address any new symptoms and focus on health maintenance and prevention. There are 3 different options for follow-up visits, depending on the amount of time that is required. We will only ever bill you for the actual amount of time that is used:

1 hour: $150
45 mins: $110
30 mins: $75

Acupuncture (45 mins): $80

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine in which fine needles are inserted into specific points along the body. It it utilized for many health conditions and I often recommend acupuncture protocols in my practice for conditions such as painful or irregular periods, hormone imbalances and fertility. Acupuncture has been shown to improve pregnancy success rates when used before and after IVF embryo transfers. If you are a new patient, please book an Initial Visit before booking an acupuncture session so we can determine a protocol that is specific for your concerns. 

Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation

It can be difficult to find a practitioner that best suits your expectations. In a free 15-minute consultation, we have the opportunity to meet and determine if we are a good fit for each other. I can answer any questions you have about my practice and we can discuss how I can support you along your healthcare journey. This visit can be done in person or over the phone. Please indicate which method works best for you when you book your appointment. If you book online, this can be added into the notes section.

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