Physical Medicine

Massage, hydrotherapy and chiropractic manipulations are modalities that can be very effective for concerns such as pain, inflammation, stiff joints and tight muscles. Massage is used to relieve pain or tension in the muscles and joints and may be used as a precursor to therapies such as acupuncture for maximal benefit. massage
Hydrotherapy is the use of hot or cold water to promote detoxification, boost the immune system, support the elimination of waste or  toxins, improve lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation. Naturopathic manipulations are used to correct misalignment in the joints to reduce symptoms of pain and restore balance. These modalities may be used in conjunction with other therapies in the formulation of a treatment plan for resolving injury or inflammation. If I believe your concern is out of my scope of practice I will refer you to a professional healthcare provider such as a Registered Massage Therapist or Chiropractor.