Gina is trained in a variety of modalities that can be used to bring the body back into balance. The modalities used are determined based on individual patient intake and physical exams, and only techniques that are indicated will be provided in a treatment protocol.

Botanical Medicine- the use of medicinal properties of plants or plant extracts in various preparations to treat or prevent illness. Evidence based herbal medicine is very effective and may play an important role in a patients treatment plan. When using the correct herbs in therapeutic doses, botanical medicine may be a safe alternative to conventional treatments without any harsh side effects. Using the entire herb rather than one isolated constituent provides effective therapy that supports the body’s natural healing processes.Examples of conditions in which botanical medicine may be indicated include skin conditions, asthma, cold and flus, digestive concerns, infertility, hormone balancing, menstrual irregularities, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and hypertension.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine- Acupuncture is an energetic therapy used to remove blockages, tone the bodys systems, relieve pain and restore imbalances From a conventional medical perspective, acupuncture stimulates blood flow to the targetted areas and facilitates the release of immune mediators which aid in the healing process. Examples of conditions in which acupuncture may be indicated include irregular menstrual cycles, muscle or joint pain, injuries, digestive concerns, migraines or headaches, insomnia, cold and flu symptoms, infertility, anxiety and stress. Cupping is an additional technique that can be used to release tight muscles, improve stagnation and increase circulation to relieve pain and muscle tension.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Counselling- Proper nutrition and counselling are the foundations of health and may play a role in a patients treatment plan. Confirming food sensitivities and allergies can have a huge impact on overall health and may be contributing to conditions that seem unrelated. Dietary and lifestyle alterations may be recommended based on individual patient concerns and goals. Additionally, supplements may be prescribed when indicated and are always cross-referenced to ensure they are safe and effective with no reactivity with other medications or natural health products. Patient education on diet and lifestyle also largely affects ones long term health and allows for better management of individual health concerns.

Physical Medicine – Massage, hydrotherapy and chiropractic manipulations are basic modalities that can be very effective for certain concerns. Massage is used to relieve pain or tension in the muscles and joints and may be used as a precursor to therapies such as acupuncture for maximal benefit. Hydrotherapy is the use of hot or cold water to promote detoxification, boost the immune system, support the elimination of waste or  toxins, improve lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation. Chiropractic manipulations are used to realign the body’s joints when they are out of balance and may be contributing to symptoms such as pain and limited movement. These modalities may be used in conjunction with others in the formulation of a treatment plan for resolving injury or inflammation.